RunbyTech official site online

Mon, Jan 14, 2019

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RunbyTech finally have a official site! This site is based on Hugo, it's easy to setup and content are from markdown file, so, all you to do is writing your company's info and match appropriate images. Besides, made some little responsive coding work in template file.

RunbyTech official site online

The RunbyTech is a small startup, setup and registered in China in late 2012. Its first product is an image share application(Android version only) named ‘ipintu’, but the product failed because of no fund support and no clear market direction. The second product was a iPad application ‘kuai dian bao ming’. That product was better than the first one, use response is good and they think highly of it, but after one year’s marketing fostering, user increase did not reach a profitable level. So, it was closed finnally as well.

Then time come to the year 2018, internet tech ecosystem is exploding many new tendencies. We’re seeing the potentials of GatsbyJS framework to build next generation of web application, and the Google Flutter to redefine the cross platform mobile application development approach. Both gives us confidence to try it again, build something interesting, innovative.

What are our focus area or service type

Our focus or service are mainly on content related platform and tools, by mean of the cutting-edge technologies, we build great product/solution on the top of it. Solve user’s problems with the lowest cost, the fewest time, deliver them needed functionalities, that’s our mission. Some of the key points are:

We believe new technology will bring a great opportunity to us all small companies survived by sell service and time. There would be some potential opportunities like user experience upgrade or tech stack transition. This time we decide to relaunch a new website for company’s brand and image, hopefully it will give our client a comprehensive understanding of what we are and what we are doing, mostly important, trust us. On the basis of extensive and deep understanding to new emerging technologies, we’ll do our best to deliver clients and users 100% satisfaction.