Next step UltronEle will take

Tue, Jun 25, 2019

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Ultronele have released in Product Hunt for a couples of days, though we have mental preparations for the cold response, we still did not expect that so few people have interest in it. That's why I wrote this post to introspect UltroEle's insufficiency and the short slabs.

Next step UltronEle will take

Since the first day of UltronEle creation I kept ask myself, if I’m a user of this product Why would I like use it? What reason attract me to choose it rather than other elarning product?

My answer to this are: Fast, Easy, Simple, Funny…and other features not included in those old elearning software. It’s seems convincible, look like amazing…wow!!! But each time I browse the demo site, I always feel something missed, short of strong some evidence that persuade myself it’s usefull.

Until today, I finally find out where the problem is, it’s in the content! The demo site lacks systematic and real course series, just like you write an article do demonstrate your opinions, but no evidence and fact support.

How to do

Two aspects of work need to carry out:

one for technical extending to enhance the access capabilities

another for courses supplement to add the richness of demo

Last but not the least, social network promotion and blog writing in dev society is also a must to do. I think this would be a long time process, let people know this product and attract them to try out, every small progress need time and continous effort to fulfill.

Then, set a flag here to see, what would happen in the next June 25.