Elearning product UltronEle v1.0 released finally

Thu, Jun 20, 2019

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We’re proud to announce that our first Elearning product UltronEle released today! So excited, can't waiting to see how does market and developer society response to it...

Elearning product UltronEle v1.0 released finally

After 90+ days development, 61 commits, UltronEle v1.0 released finally!

This’s our first Gatsby framework based web application, it’s named as UltronEle, a combination of ‘Ultron’ and ‘elearning’. we hope to build a great user experience using the emerging technology, and change the way to develop a e-learning system(totally open source).

Where to get it?

Official promotion websit is here:

The PH page address:


YouTube intro & features demo:

Source code repository:

UltronEle have many attractive features listed below:

As the philosophy we defined for the ultronEle, we want to design a light, fast, simple yet interesting serverless e-learning CMS. we would like to see our product’s user love to use it, enjoy the unique experience while producing knowleges and learning knowledges.

Deliver knowledge with fun

We also provide 3 kinds of service type for different users, from free service to custom service. It’s very flexible to meet a variety of requiements.

How to use it?

There is a comprehensive user guide for the ultronEle:

For a non-technical background user, he just know how to install software, execute command, also have a little bit patience, he will sure to successfully run this product in hist machine.

The remaining part for the guide is how to write edit .md file using markdown syntax, and how to add various properties for each catagries, tutorial, test data or content. We’ll find time to replenish it.

Any roadmap or thoughts for it?

Yes, we have already lay down a road for this product:

We’re also thinking much for the core values of this product, like:

This list could be continously growing as the time pass by.

Stay tunned, more splendidness will come…