We deliver Wows

What we offer

Runbytech means that we are a technique driven company with a quick pace and fast response to our clients. we produce small yet easy-use software in different area, including WIKI/BBS/Workgroup used in inner-enterprise management, online document libary for press, as well as e-learning system for small to medium size company.

UltronELe,next generation of E-learning tool, is our new released product. Elearning web technology field has not changed much for many years, but with the new techniques emerging and new online learning habits shaped, we need a more simple/fast/interesting learning and publish tool to adapt to these changes.

We have over 6 years experence to build mobile applications. Using cross-platform development technique such as Cordova/Ionic/React Native to fast implement clients requirements with a low cost is our speciality, as we keep following to those emerging technology from the birth of it.

Document library product `gitbook-TL` is our biggest open source project. we extend the basic functionality of gitbook, add new features, solve the legacy problems, continue to evolve this document tool to a new level. Then we are proud to annouce it a wonderful and valuable product.

We believe that CMS software still has immense space to develop nowadays. People have different requirements and desire to publish or seek valuable stuff, we provide the smallest CMS tool to help all kinds of writers to use, fast running, low even tiny cost, easy to get started.

Some of our product screenshots

Belowing are images for three products of our own. Top let is doc-lib product `gitbook-TL`, top-right is our long history product `Kuai dian bao ming` use in small education company, next is our social product `kstart` used in startup or new technology and media industry.
kuai dian bao ming