We cooperate seamlessly

Rubytech team is consist of developer, designer, and project/prodcut manager. Each member has rich experience in its field, and all are veterans to take responsibility of the each part of a project. We have worked together for long time, and all fit together very well.

Chief programmer, skilled in front-end/mobile app development, have a good feeling on UI details, technique advantages include javascript/nodejs/typescript/css, currently focus on Reactjs/Graphql tech stack.


Chief designer, senior graphic designer with more than 10 years experience of industry software UI, magzine, advertisement, packaging design. The best outstanding speciality of her is corperate identity design. She's toolset including photoshop/illustrator/indesign, and she love photography, fashion dress, travel, as well as food.


Project manager, growing from coder for many years then turn to PM, he is the most talktive and creative person in our team. His responsibility includes project planning, user requirement accessment, and project delivery.


Back-end programmer, the youngest yet smartest and the tough guy of tackle problems, he exists in our team as a sharp knife and generalist. Each time we kickout a new project, he is the right person to choose, and definitely will give our a awesome start point.